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A simple weekly checkin to know how your people feel, their achievements and roadblocks. Take the guesswork out of managing people.

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How it works ?

weekly checkin

Employees take a few minutes to answer quick questions

Through a simple weekly checkin, employees give their feedback about their achievments, roadblocks and motivation.


Managers get the feedback from their team members and can answer them

It is a simple way to engage with one’s team and transform the relationship between the manager and the members of his team. This regular exchange through a dedicated tool leads to improved performance for all teams.

The feedback travels the ladder up.

The feedback travels the ladder up

Leaders know what is going on in all their teams every week. It is a simple solution to drive the performance of each team in real time.

Comment Zoé va rendre votre entreprise plus performante ?

Current management process are old school

As an employee, it is often hard to find the right time to have a one on one meeting with a manager. This lack of communication often transforms problems into roadblocks and has consequences on performance.

Managers often postpone weekly meetings due to a lack of time and rigor, they don't have a dedicated tool to help them becoming leaders.

As an executives, it is hard to keep the pulse of your team as information gets scattered across teams making weak signals identification hard.

Zoé est la solution

A dedicated solution to give feedback and step back to clearly express achievements and roadblocks.

Weekly Q&A helps managers share feedback and clear roadblocks

Executives understand how managers are interacting with their team members and get data to take decisions. Say goodbye to "How is it going with your team" asked around the coffee machine.

We went from 10 to 40 employees in less than 18 months, getting feedbacks from my team members each week changed my life.

Aurélien Malfait | CEO & Co-fondateur Luckey homes témoigne de son utilisation du feedback en temps réel avec Zenbase

Don't be the last to know, initiate a feedback culture

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